If you are using Engage to buy ebooks for students, teachers, or for your library, you may find titles that are unavailable, this is due to territory sales restrictions set by the publisher.

Territory sales restrictions exist due to the legal agreements publishers have with authors, agents, and even other publishers. These define what content may be sold, and where it may be sold. If you are unable to buy a particular ebook in your region, it's likely because of these restrictions.

The availability of a title is managed by the publisher. If you believe a title should be available in your region please reach out to our marketplace team to raise your request with the publisher.

Publishers update their titles on the Snapplify platform frequently both in terms of pricing and availability. This means that a title may become available or unavailable as a result of these updates.

If you have purchased a title and it is now unavailable in your region, your existing license will be unaffected but you may not be able to purchase additional copies of this title.

How to identify unavailable titles in Engage.

Any title that is not available for sale in your region will be clearly identified by the Unavailable image and you will be unable to add the title to your prescribed list or to your library.


Unavailable titles in your library

There are lot of books to choose from when purchasing books for your library, Although you will not be able to add a title that is currently unavailable, you will definitely find other titles that suit your needs. 

If you are using library lists for quoting purposes, and a title has become unavailable, you will need to remove these titles first before proceeding with your quote or order

Unavailable titles in your Engage store

If you have noticed a title unavailable on your prescribed list, you will need to remove the title before finalising your procurement set up.

You will be unable to add unavailable titles to your prescribed lists

Users will need to remove unavailable titles from their order before proceeding to payment.


Please see this article for more troubleshooting tips when setting up your prescribed list. 

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