This article is for STUDENTS and PARENTS who have purchased titles for themself in Engage

After purchasing an order in Engage, you may want to review the status of your order, review your payment method, follow up on an EFT payment, or draw an invoice for your personal records. You can see all this information from the "My Order" tab in your Institution's Snapplify Engage platform. 

Viewing your orders

Once you have logged into your Institutions Engage platform, select the "My orders" tab from the left-hand navigation panel

You will see an overview of all your orders placed through the platform.

To review a past order, select the reference number to open the order and see additional information

To draw an invoice, select the invoice icon, you can then save this as a pdf or print it for your records

Understanding State and Payment State

StateMeaningPayment StateMeaning
NewA new order has been created, is still in process or the screen was closed before payment was attemptedUnpaidNo payment has been attempted
CompletedThe order has been placed successfullyPaidPayment has been received
PendingThe order is placed but not confirmed pending paymentPendingPayment has not been received, usually when EFT is selected and proof of payment is outstanding
ErrorThere was an error in placing the orderDeclinedThe attempted payment via Credit Card was declined
CancelledThe order has been canceled as the EFT status has been pending for over 30 daysPendingProof of payment was not received for the order

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