This article is for ADMINISTRATORS.

This is specifically for Curro schools using the Engage platform.

Curro Head Office's system called Omada, sends the student data to Snapplify and other 3rd party systems.

The Curro Omada system is connected directly to the Microsoft services, so all users will always be synced with their related Microsoft account, the user will therefore be able to Sign in with their Microsoft account. 

  • All curro schools are connected to Snapplify via this Integration
  • As an admin, there is nothing for you to do to set this up, this is configured by the Curro Service Desk and Snapplify team.
  • If you have any student issues with usernames or passwords this must be escalated to the Curro Sevice Desk. 

Why is it useful

  • When a student joins Curro and is added to the Curro system, they are automatically added to their school's Engage instance. This means the user is already in Engage, even if they have not logged in yet. 
  • There's little to no admin for you to do to set up new students on Snapplify if they are set up correctly on the Curro systems. 
  • If a student leaves, Curro Service Desk has the ability to remove the learners from your school platform using the automation.
  • If there are students not being removed, this should be raised with Curro Service Desk, for schools on the paid platform you are charged for all users on your system so its in your best interest to ensure your platform only reflects active users.

How does this work

  • Omada user data is synchronized with Engage via SnappSync.

Addressing Issues with Curro School Integrations

  • When user/s are not located on Engage this could indicate an issue with the integration, schools must raise these concerns with the Curro helpdesk

Why do some of my learners have multiple user accounts?

  • Curro schools do not integrate directly with the Microsoft active directory but rather through the third-party system, 
  • When Active Directory is integrated with Snapplify, user data, including usernames and other relevant information, can be synchronized between the two systems. This synchronization enables Snapplify to compare and identify duplicate user accounts by cross-referencing the information stored in both systems. As a result, if there are users with identical information in Active Directory, Snapplify can detect and highlight these duplicates for further action, such as merging or resolving the duplicate accounts.
  • However, with third-party integration, the level of synchronization and data sharing between systems does not include a comprehensive data synchronization process as per Curro's policy and does not provide mechanisms to detect duplicate users.
  • Students may have had an old username and password account, and, with the integration, they may now have a Microsoft account too. To ensure your student's only have 1 account they should update their old username and password account so that it uses Microsoft to log in and you should archive the Microsoft account that came through on the integration. 

Issues with user accounts are dealt with and should be handled by Curro helpdesk. It is Curro's responsibility to provide user information and support.

Issues that should be escalated to Curro helpdesk are concerns such as:
- Curro learners who have not received their credentials
- Curro learners who have received their credentials but are not showing in Engage platform
- Learner Name Sync Issues - ie Lack of first name and last name reflecting in Engage platform

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