This article is for ADMINISTRATORS.

Creating textbook collections can streamline access to retail textbook materials for both educators and students. Whether it's facilitating teacher reviews of textbooks for the upcoming academic year or providing students with supplementary resources to support their learning, this approach offers an easy locative alternative to navigating the Engage store.

To create a Textbook curated collection in Engage

  1.  Log in to Engage and navigate to the textbooks section by clicking the 'Textbook' tab. 
  2. In the 'Textbooks' section of the navigation, select 'Manage Collections'. 
  3. You'll see a selection of Textbook-curated collections. To create a new collection, simply click the 'New' button. 
  4.  Provide a name and description for your collection, then click the 'Save' button to proceed. 
  5. On the following page, proceed with the following steps to edit your collection
    1. Select the upload icon to add an image to your collection. 
    2. In the Products section, select 'Add Titles' to access a list of available titles.
    3. Click the 'Add Title' icon next to the relevant title to include it in your collection. Confirm the addition by selecting 'Yes' in the pop-up window. 
    4. After adding all the titles, you can review your collection by clicking 'View' in the breadcrumb trail. 

  6. If you've verified that everything is accurate, click the 'Publish' button to make your collection accessible to everyone within your institution 

  7. Select 'Yes' in the pop-up to confirm the publication of your collection. 

After publication, your collection will be accessible to all Engage users at your institution. You can find it in the 'Collections' section of the Textbooks section, under the 'Our Institution' tab 

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