This article is for LIBRARIANS.

Signing up for Snapplify Engage comes with a bunch of benefits, not least of which is the Library, which comprises over 150 000 library-licensed titles, including top-quality e-textbooks from leading local and international publishers across a variety of subjects, study areas, and grades – from primary school to higher education.

Within your digital library, you'll already find free ebooks from Project Gutenberg, Book Dash, and Siyavula Education, as well as past exam papers for Grade 12 students to use.

If you wish to supplement the Engage Basic library offering, all you need to do is purchase a library licence for each additional title you’d like to add. 

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How library licences work

  • A library licence is locked to an institution, and can be accessed from that institution's digital library.
  • Library licences are typically set to two years, meaning that once a licence has been purchased for a specific book, that book will be available in that library for two years.
  • For users checking the book out of the library, access is limited by time (usually two weeks). This loan period is set by the school library and can be any number of days (not exceeding two weeks). Other users will have to wait for the book to be returned to the library before being able to check the book out.
  • If a group of students need to read the same book at the same time, then multiple copies will need to be purchased for your school library.

The difference between a library licence and a single-user licence

Library licences are not locked to a specific user, and can be used by multiple users. A library licence for a title costs, on average, 3.6 times more than a standard single-user licence (though this multiplier may vary from publisher to publisher).

A single-user licence is locked to one individual registered user, and can only be accessed by that user when they are logged in with their associated account. It cannot be shared between users. 

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