If you've received an Engage sign-up link from your educational institution, you'll easily be able to join the specific Engage platform, and start enjoying the benefits for teachers, librarians, students, and booksellers in a matter of minutes.

If you are a parent, helping your child to register, be sure to use their school email account details (i.e. not your personal email address).

To join your institution's Engage platform using a sign-up link:

  1. Click the link given to you by your institution.
  2. Once the page has opened in your browser, click 'Sign In' if you have a Snapplify account (or a Google, Microsoft, or Apple account). If you still need to register an account, click 'Register'.
    sign in register
  3. On the sign-in page, log in using your Snapplify, Google, Microsoft, or Apple account details.

You'll now be logged in to your institution's unique Engage platform.

Are you a parent purchasing books for your child? Read this article for more information on how to do that within Engage.

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