This article is for ADMINISTRATORS. 

Once your school has signed up for Scholastic Literacy Pro and successfully completed onboarding, there are a couple of things you'll need to do to make sure teachers and students are set up to use Literacy Pro. 

You'll also need to inform teachers and students about what to do next. Use these helpful articles:

Use this checklist as a guide on what to do next.

Next steps for admins

  1. Complete the short Literacy Pro Course
  2. Introduce Literacy Pro to teachers at your school.
  3. Sign in to Scholastic Literacy Pro.
  4. Set proficiency benchmarks for your school.
  5. Decide on settings for Lit Pro tests, books quizzes, and criteria for student award certificates on a school, class, or student level.
  6. Determine your school's testing calendar.
  7. View key performance metrics for your school and review reports to ensure that your school is on target to hit performance goals.
  8. Search the database of book titles and quizzes available and view the full quizzes and their answer keys.

Administrators can also refer to the Scholastic Literacy Pro user guide, Scholastic Literacy Pro reports guide, and Literacy Pro link to find useful information and resources.

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