This article is for ADMINISTRATORS and TEACHERS

Quizzes are a fun way for teachers to verify comprehension and track each book that students have read.

If your school is on a paid tier of Engage, you'll automatically have access to Scholastic Literacy Pro as an extra benefit. If not, you can sign your school up for Scholastic Literacy Pro by emailing

To assign a book quiz in Scholastic Literacy Pro 

  1. Log in to Scholastic Literacy Pro.

  2. Find the title of your book by using the Library page.

  3. Once you've found the book, click the 'Assign' button.

  4. Select the tick box next to “Student name” to assign the quiz to all learners in a class or select individual students.

  5. Update the 'Assign Date' and 'Due Date' below to indicate when this quiz should be completed. 

  6. You can use the “view quiz option” to review a typical cohort of questions or the “Assign” option to assign the quiz. 

  7. The following screen will indicate the date that the quiz will be assigned and the due date chosen. 

  8. You will be provided with an option to 'Notify Students' which you can click on, be provided a message to copy to clip board and send to your learners in an email or via school communication methods.

Keep an eye on your Alerts to see who has not taken the quiz or use the Quiz pass rate report to see how your students have faired.

Teachers can also refer to the Scholastic Literacy Pro user guide and Literacy Pro resources for teachers to find useful information.

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