This article is for ADMINISTRATORS

Snapplify offers 'SnapSync,' a service that retrieves learner, parent, and group information from various 3rd party systems such as d6+ admin platform.

SnapSync connections are managed through the Admin section in Engage, with this feature exclusively available for Engage Enterprise Customers. 

When would you use SnapSync

SnapSync is useful for any Institution using multiple systems. If you have your learner data set up in d6+, with SnapSync you do not need to recreate all this data in your Engage Platform.

The SnapSync service performs periodic checks for data changes by calling the third-party system. Each 'sync' activity is logged for you in activities. This helps ensure that all your students have Snapplify Accounts without any additional Admin on your part. 

How to set up the sync:

D6+ - Snapplify Integration involves pre-setup in both the d6+ admin platform and the Snapplify Engage Platform. The setup is a three-step process. Please reach out to and we will guide you through your setup.

Once set up, the Engage Admin can enable, and disable the sync from the Engage Admin SnapSync Section.

Once Enabled, The Engage Admin must authorize the sync in Engage. Should you be an existing Snapplify customer, the system will identify your existing student accounts by the “email” field and provide an option for you to manage this in Engage by placing these user accounts in a “pending state”

Should your data in d6+ not be complete with all relevant fields, the Snapplify platform will not be able to map the accounts. This may result in duplicate accounts which you will need to clean up. Please ensure that you start by completing the required fields listed below. 

Required fields

Please ensure the following fields are completed as best as possible in d6 before the sync is enabled.

Data Field
Email Address
First Name
Last name
ID Number
Mobile Number
Admission Number

Step1: Enable the Sync in d6+ 

Snapplify Engage integration option is available in the d6+ school setup. Any school staff member with appropriate school management rights will be able to authorize the integration by moving it from left to right and clicking save.

Please refer to the Authorisation and Activation page of the d6 Integrate API documentation, which explains all the steps involved.

Step 2: School_ID Setup

When you Authorise or deauthorise Snapplify in your d6 environment, Snapplify will receive an email with the information needed to set up the technical integration in our system. Please allow us 48 hours to set this up. We will then reach out to continue the setup with your Engage Admin within 48 hours.

Step 3: Enable the d6 Sync

Navigate to Engage- Admin- SnapSync and select d6 from the left navigation panel.

From the window that opens, select authorize

Should your setup not be completed by the Snapplify team in step 2 above, you will receive an error message stating that no School_ID is found. Please reach out to your Snapplify rep or for assistance. 

If the school_id is set, the Engage Admin can authorize the integration.

Pending Users: The user's email address is checked against any existing users that share the same authentication profile, if a user exists, we put the integration record on hold, and require the admin to 'approve' the user; this is done in Engage, via the 'Pending User' lists.

To understand how to manage the sync please refer to Managing your d6 SnapSync Connection

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