This article is for TEACHERS.

Once you set up groups for users (i.e. create the group and add users to it) then link the group to a prescribed book list, you'll be able to ensure that students and staff all get the correct books. Master the tools quickly and easily by enrolling in our mini-course on Teacha! Inspire.  

For your prescribed book ordering process to run smoothly, you will need to ensure that any prescribed book list created corresponds with a group of learners who have their user accounts set up in Engage.

You have control over how your lists of books and groups of users are structured, but they should correspond with one another so that one book list is allocated to one specific group of users.

You know your school and your students best. Using Engage, you can make the lists as general or specific as you need them to be.

You may choose to create the book lists and user groups in various ways:

  • You may create a group of students in the same grade, who require the same books.
  • You may wish to create additional book lists for a specific group of students who just need books for core subjects, or who study additional subjects and advanced streams.
  • If purchasing resources for your staff, such as teacher guides, the lists and groups would be constructed in the same way. Each teacher will need one list that includes the specific books they need for the particular subject they teach. If individual teachers need books to be bought for them by the institution, please consider using retail requests rather than prescribed lists, as prescribed lists are used for groups. Retail requests need to be enabled for relevant users.

To set up user groups for annual orders

  1. Follow these simple steps to create a new group.
  2. Once your group has been created, follow these steps to add users to your group.

If you set your group to 'joinable' so that users can add themselves to the group, you can inform parents/students about how to join those joinable groups and which groups to join. Students can also assign a grade to their user, which makes it much easier for them to find the relevant groups to join.

If your group is private, you will need to add users to groups by yourself.

We recommend assigning a grade to each group. This makes it easier for students to find and join groups that are relevant to them.

Next, link your user group to a prescribed list.

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