After you’ve created a prescribed list, set up user groups, and assigned titles to users, the next step is to share your prescribed list by publishing it. 

Publishing your prescribed list makes it available to the relevant users (e.g. students or staff), so that they can start reviewing their orders and buying the books that have been allocated to them. If your educational institution is purchasing the titles on the prescribed list, you will also need to publish the list before you will be able to finalise your order.

Only the owner of the prescribed list can publish it. Review your list carefully before publishing, to double-check that the titles and user groups are correct.

To publish your prescribed list:

  1. Once logged in to Engage, navigate to the prescribed list by clicking ‘Textbooks’.
  2. All the new prescribed lists are displayed. Click your prescribed list’s title to open it.
  3. Review the information to check that everything is correct, then click the ‘Publish’ button at the top of the page.
  4. Next, click ‘Yes’ in the pop-up to confirm that you want to publish the prescribed list.

If you have missed a step while setting up your prescribed list you may have an error alert on the list that prevents you from publishing. For assistance see Troubleshooting your prescribed lists

To publish your prescribed lists in bulk:

If you have reviewed all your prescribed lists and you are ready to publish, you can do this in bulk

  1. Once logged in to Engage, navigate to the prescribed list by clicking 'Textbooks'.
  2. Find the textbook lists you would like to publish either under the 'New' or 'Unpublished' Tabs
  3. Select the tick box icon next to the prescribed lists you would like to publish in bulk

  4. Next, click the 'Publish' Button in the top control panel

Prescribed lists where you are not the owner will be skipped when bulk publishing

If you need to edit your prescribed list, you’ll first need to unpublish it.

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