This article is for ADMINISTRATORS.

Once you have registered and have added users to the Engage platform, you will need to curate the access that certain users have.

This is done by assigning user roles to individual users, either to restrict access or to give permission to navigate to certain sections of the platform and make changes.

The user who initially registers the institution's Engage platform is automatically assigned the Admin, Teacher and Librarian user roles. This allows you to access all areas of Engage to ease the setup process. 

There are four user roles for members of staff in Engage:

  1. Teachers have access to the Teacher section (including Prescribed, Store, Resources and Groups).

  2. Librarians have access to the Librarian section (including Library Admin, Owned, Loaned, Wait List, Requests and Blocked) and 'Settings' under the Admin section to set the Loan Duration, Maximum Checkouts and Purchasing Type.
  3. Admins have access to the Admin section (including all tools for user administration and settings for Engage), the Teacher section (to manage groups and resources) and the Librarian section (to manage prescribed lists and the store). Importantly, only Admins have the ability to assign and edit user roles.
  4. Finance is a sub-role that can be added in addition to any of the roles above. Only users with the Finance role assigned will be able to approve library requests for the purchase of library books, approve retail requests for the purchase of books for students, or finalise and pay for orders via prescribed lists. If a user needs to be able to spend the school credit in Engage, they will need to be assigned this role.

There is also an additional user role for Snapplify Authorised Booksellers in Engage:

Booksellers have access to the Textbooks section, and are able to add titles to prescribed lists to help you to manage your annual book orders.

Learners have their own role in Engage. This role ensures that they do not have permission to make changes to your institution's Engage platform.

ALL user roles (other than the Bookseller role) have access to the Library and Textbooks sections – to use the library catalogue and to browse the store.

Learn more about assigning and editing user roles.

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