This article is for STUDENTS and PARENTS.

Scholastic Literacy Pro is a program that assesses your reading level, helping you to search for books that are not only rewarding to read but also promote reading growth.

If your school is on a paid tier of Engage, you'll automatically have access to Scholastic Literacy Pro as an extra benefit. There are a few things you'll need to do to get started and get the most from the program. Use this checklist as a guide on what to do next.

Next steps for students

  1. Sign in to Scholastic Literacy Pro.
  2. Selecting an Avatar.
  3. Selecting 3 or more reading interests.
  4. Take the Lit Pro Test to determine your Lexile score.
  5. Use your Lexile level to set your reading interests and search for recommended books. 
  6. Search for books to match your Lexile level in Snapplify Engage.
  7. Find and check out titles from your school's Engage library.
  8. Download books in the Snapplify Reader app.
  9. Take a quiz in Literacy Pro to test your understanding of the book.
  10. Track your reading results in Literacy Pro.

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